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Chaos in America..We are afraid..This is a warzone.

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People need to be in the street.  People need to be demanding action not words from legislators and we need to start impeachment precedings from any one and any party that will not bring OUR rights of pursuit of happiness and the right to life, liberty and justice to a floor to insure us we are not in a BANANA REPUBLIC.

I am tired of this crap.   13 hours of bloodshed.  We are in a warzone.  I have even heard people say, “ We can’t confront these legislators as the NRA and the extreme right will put us in harms way?  “  Really?  Really?  They are already shooting us.  When they shoot any American citizen for fun like they are a duck in a shooting gallery, we are all in danger.

Crazy country led by a crazy man and enabled by crazy legislators and followers.   When we have spineless democrats and rhetoric from republicans or Trumpulicans  that advocates violence and jokes  and does nothing to help make this a more perfect union..( Hell forget more perfect) a safe union would be OK right now.  TODAY.  We as a nation, need to come together or we will fall apart.  

We need to confront these people and say, “ ENOUGH”.  I am pretty concerned right now because he is coming to the Villages .. Ocala has some crazy folks here.  We have some serious gunowners and haters in North/Central Florida.     I am concerned.  This area is awash with guns and I am at the point I am afraid to go to the store.  This has to stop.   I woke up afraid of Trump coming to the Villages.  Remember he said, “ Only in the panhandle “  We are not in the panhandle but we are still in Florida.   I am on pins and needles and that ain’t me.

THIS HAS TO STOP.  ARE WE NOW WILLING TO DEMAND SOMETHING BE DONE ?  The only way I know to do it is confront every single legislator and taking to the streets to demand our rights to living in a country so many have fought and shed blood for.

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