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CBS News/YouGov Poll Has Joe Biden Beating Trump In Wisconsin 50-44

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Some good news today out of Wisconsin:

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads President Trump by 6 points in the battleground state of Wisconsin, according to a new poll.

Half of likely voters in Wisconsin said they will vote for Biden in the election, while 44 percent said they will vote for Trump, according to a CBS News-YouGov poll released Sunday.

Four percent said they were “not sure” who they would vote for, and 2 percent said they would vote for someone else, based on the poll.

Here are some more details:

Here's why: though neither candidate gets rave reviews for what they've said about the demonstrations, Biden is seen by more as trying to calm the situation, while the president is perceived by slightly more as encouraging fighting, rather than calming things down. And the larger notion that violence could come to “the suburbs” finds little concern among those who actually reside in the suburbs.

Moreover, it's also about the approach to those protests: by more than two to one, voters feel the way to end the them is to make police reforms and address discrimination, not to use law enforcement to punish protesters. Even the president's own backers aren't overly convinced the latter approach is better.

Voters see the protests composed of a mix of well-intentioned demonstrators and people out for more destructive aims, but they appear to distinguish between the two: between the peaceful protesters — with whom, people say they can identify — and those destroying property, with whom they can't. And eight in 10 people in suburbs feel it's unlikely that violent protests would happen where they live.

More generally, it's Biden who leads on who'd make you feel safe. This is a general measure, not specifically about protests, but it speaks to the larger themes the campaigns are using.
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