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Trump plays the trade war like it's 1812

Trump is losing his trade war and what’s worse is that he’s clueless about the reason for the losing. The prevailing truth is that stupidity has given way to irrationality. “The truth, however, is that there has seldom been clearer proof that Trump is in


Trump in a Panic on All Fronts

Trump has been counting on four things to get him re-elected: The economy Winning the trade war he started with China Building the wall he promised his base Russian hacking and GOP voter suppression Right now he's panicking on all 4. The economy is heading

U.S. Steel laying off hundreds of workers in Michigan

Donald Trump likes to pretend that the American steel industry is one of the few domestic industries that hasn’t been vigorously wedgied by his tariff regime.  Not only has he claimed his tariffs have singlehandedly revived the industry … x In one year Tariffs have rebuilt

Trump tariffs 'could result in a Bible shortage'

Well, that’s karma — or whatever the Christian equivalent of karma is. Eternal perdition? Because that’s what they’ve given us … So now this is happening: Because they elected Donald Trump, white evangelical Christians could soon be facing a severe Bible shortage.  Trump is still threatening