We experienced a collective freakout two days ago when Donald Trump refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the November election (which merely tells me that the piano movers they eventually hire to drag his semi-animated carcass from the Oval Office may need to carry cattle prods),Continue Reading

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy. Schaden-Friday came a day late this week. But Secret Recording Saturday works for me. Apparently, Too Much and Never Enough, the Mary Trump tell-all that Donald Trump attempted to tweet away with bullshit, was full of more truth than the pr*sident wantsContinue Reading

Sun on the patio, a bit of weed, some Daiya vegan cheesecake, and a pinch of piquant Ivanka schadenfreude. It appears that Donald Trump isn’t the only Trump Ms. Mary Trump is less than impressed with. Ivanka, it appears, has been found wanting beneath the gimlet-eyed gaze of the OneContinue Reading

Looks like plenty of people are reading that book Donald Trump desperately wanted to deep-six. CNN: Mary Trump's tell-all book had sold a staggering 950,000 copies by the end of its first day on sale, publisher Simon & Schuster said Thursday.   That figure, which included pre-sales, as well asContinue Reading

The Trump Files: Watch The Trumps Not Be Able To Multiply 17 By 6

One of the biggest mysteries in the universe — more vexing than the search for a unified field theory — is how in the hell Donald Trump got into Wharton, one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. Well, Mary Trump’s upcoming book, Too Much and Never Enough, about herContinue Reading

I would gouge my own eyes out with a Swiss Army knife corkscrew, have new eyes surgically implanted in my head, and then gouge those out with an ice auger before I’d ever buy John Bolton’s book — because fuck that low-rent Pepperidge Farm pitchman. But Mary Trump’s forthcoming bookContinue Reading