Thomas Frank

W.H. Press Secretary Jen Psaki squashes the talking point Republicans have infused in the mainstream media about COVID Relief Bill bipartisanship. Jen Psaki relentlessly on proper narrative See full episodes here. For too long, White House Press Secretaries, Democratic politicians, and Progressives have allowed the Republicans to define their policies’ narrative via...

  • February 28, 2021

Sadly too many Americans allow the con from Republicans on spending. Ali Velshi exposes what is hidden in plain sight that should give us pause. Ali Velshi exposes Republicans, Mitch McConnell See full episodes here. The House of Representatives passed the COVID-19 relief bill. The House passed its $1.9 trillion...

  • February 27, 2021

Thomas Frank has an interesting column in Salon that typifies the cynical view of Obama by speculating what his Presidential library might look like. Republicans in Congress want to make sure President Obama takes the blame for their obstruction. Thomas Frank helps them out by presenting the Jed Bartlett version...

  • July 20, 2014