New Lincoln Project: “Moms”

Which early on calls Trump “the worst President in history” and says he “sinks to a new low” It is about all kinds of Moms And yes, it is about the Wall of Moms in Portland The ad says “They won’t bend.  They won’t break They won’t stop fighting to protect the rights of every…

Lincoln Project goes there, with “Maxwell”

In an ad put up today. To the point. Using Trump’s words from his answer at the presser Here it is: and note the end — the picture of Biden with affirmative words in the voice-over.

Lincoln Project: “Failure”

New ad More than 2 minutes, meaning it may be web only the failure is Trump on the pandemic it uses his words over time matched with the case numbers over time take a look: x YouTube Video

Lincoln Project takes on what is happening in Portland

in a new ad labeled “How it Starts” “This is how it starts”    is the tag line for the ad “This is how it starts — and how freedom dies” Watch it. I think it cuts to the heart of the issue. x YouTube Video

Kellyanne Conway's daughter is now attacking Trump, too

Kellyanne Conway appears to be facing a rising rebellion in her own home. Of course, Barbie Riefenstahl’s husband, George, is one of the country’s foremost NeverTrumpers, and is also a key figure in the prolific, Trump-bashing Lincoln Project.  And now the couple’s 15-year-old daughter, Claudia, has wisely chosen the rebellion over the doomed Death Star. Apparently she’s been…

“Betrayed” – the latest from the Lincoln Project

featuring a former Navy Seal /Annaopolis grad who is now an emergency room doc: x YouTube Video He's a gun-owner. He’s pro-Life. He’s a combat veteran. He says Trump is either a  coward or complicit. Another powerful ad.

New Lincoln Project ad: Short, to the point, devastating

Hello, apostate Republicans! There will be time to hate you again later. For now … thanks for this. x 100,000 dead Americans. One wrong president.— The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) May 27, 2020 < p class=”is-empty-p”> Well, honestly, it’s not fair to refer to the folks behind The Lincoln Project as apostates. They still hew to…

A MUST-READ from George Conway

went up this evening at The Washington Post.  It is on the website titled George Conway: Trump went ballistic at me on Twitter. Here’s why he reacts with such rage. It begins like this: Americans died from covid-19 at the rate of about one every 42 seconds during the past month. That ought to keep…

Lincoln Project member: Trump's unhinged reaction to latest ad 'proved our point'

The Lincoln Project, a partnership of high-profile conservatives who’ve become disaffected with the Republican Party over its uncouth embrace of a suite of IBS symptoms masquerading as a human being, released another scathing ad recently — and right on cue, it released a dense cloud of KFC-redolent methane over the Potomac.  And that, of course, proved the…