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Manchin's Voting With Putin.

Thanks for 30 years of “It was a bipartisan vote”, dipstick. When are you getting the T-Shirt? Daily Beast “The Kremlin’s support of Donald Trump’s objectives, devoid of traditional U.S. values, has spilled out into the issues typically outside of Russia’s purview, such as Judge


Hatch and Grassley Release Letter Slut Shaming Julie Swetnick.

Apparently the only new info we’ll get from judiciary is defamation of the accusers…. A Utah man named Dennis Ketterer reached out to the Hatch office this week with information about accuser Julie Swetnick, and her allegations against Judge Kavanaugh. His full statement made under

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Collins, Murkowski, Flake and Manchin are meeting now. Update II.

CNN “The four key centrist votes on Judge Brett Kavanaugh — Sens. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Jeff Flake and Joe Manchin — are huddled privately in a Capitol office. Staff left the room as they gathered minutes after the Kavanaugh hearing ended.   Murkowski angrily tried to

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RW Smears of Avenatti Witness Julie Swetnick Begin with a Lie. Naturally.

That didn’t take long. Club for Growth’s Andrew Follet posts IRS Lien Release for back taxes for Julie Swetnick, claims she “owes” “vast amounts”. $40,000 = “vast” And release means she paid it, dumb-shit. x And… #JulieSwetnick owes vast amounts of money to the IRS…from relatively