Time and anti-tank weapons favor the Ukrainians even if air superiority remains complicated. An extended siege of Kyiv looks possible with the current stalemate, and long-range bombardment continues. Mercenaries are being recruited to support Russian forces. The disinformation campaign continues, including the relocation of some of the Mariupol population elsewhere,...

  • March 21, 2022

“People’s beliefs and perceptions are shaped more by whatever the leaders of their own political tribe say than by ideology, history, or even their own self-interest,” Paul Pillar, former senior CIA analyst. Putin can take over the world and Donald Trump will help him spread his propaganda wow ! I...

  • December 8, 2019

The Republicans are circling their wagons today and dancing a little dance of joy because Mueller issued an indictment that doesn’t, in fact, directly implicate any Americans as anything except idiots. And we all know that they’re quite accustomed to being implicated as idiots, so they’re taking that as a...

  • February 16, 2018