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The GOP Will Dump Trump When They Think the Time is Right

There’s a diary on the rec list: No, the GOP wont abandon Trump for one reason: he’s  the last. I think they will, when they think the time is right. First, the Republican leadership has never liked Trump. During the nominating season, they tried to

Paul Ryan's Revenge

David Van Drehle argues in today’s WaPo that Trump’s fate is in the hands of Fox News because Fox is what Trump’s base swears by. However, those Fox News viewers punch far above their weight in one regard: They are the core of any hard-right

Mitch McConnell is the key, right? Right?

OK, look, I know that I’m not the sharpest scalpel on the surgical tray, but even I can see a pattern emerging when it’s a 20’x20’ checkerboard. In several recent articles, I have talked about the changeover in the House control putting upward pressure on

GOP tax plan delivers double dose of pain to blue states

Thursday’s release of the House GOP tax plan will be greeted with a flurry of “hot takes” about its “winners and losers.” So, for everyone’s sake, let’s keep this simple. Unsurprisingly, the biggest winners from what the President called a “big, beautiful Christmas present” are

Ask your Senator if Trumpcara™ is right for you

Are you ashamed to be seen with your healthcare bill? Do you fear facing your own constituents? Are you plagued by feelings of dread and mild nausea at the thought of disappointing your seething supporters, angry activists and demanding donors? If you answered “yes” to all these

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Did you watch the Olympics?

I enjoyed the Olympics, or what little NBC bothered to air of the Olympics. We were stuck mostly with talking heads and human interest stories. How many times did I see a medal ceremony? I can count them on one hand. It's over until 2014