Paul Krugman has done it again. His latest column combines the erudition of a Nobel laureate with the plain speaking of an excellent writer: A Plague of Willful Ignorance. A hundred years ago, he writes, there was a plague of pellagra disease in the South. A doctor working for theContinue Reading

As usual, Paul Krugman makes an excellent point. Today’s column, This Land of Denial and Death, lays it out in clear and damning words: Incredibly bad leadership at the top is clearly an important factor. Thousands of Americans are dying, and the president is boasting about his TV ratings. ButContinue Reading

Nobel Prize winner and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman skewered his own newspaper’s silly coverage of the now totally irrelevant tea party movement today in a series of pull-no-punches tweets: x Academic research confirms the obvious. The idea that the Tea Party had something to do with notions of fiscal responsibilityContinue Reading

You’re probably already well familiar with the Republican Party’s guileful ratfucking of our economy while the black man was in charge of our country. Much is made of Donald Trump’s efforts to reverse everything President Obama ever did, but Trump’s policies are really just a new chorus of an oldContinue Reading

I bear no particular grudge against Alice M. Rivlin.  She appears to have led a fine life of public service, and, as discussed below, considers herself a “moderate Democrat.”  She is the type of moderate Democrat who was a member of the Simpson-Bowles deficit commission – and so I disagreeContinue Reading