Black man takes over leadership of neo-Nazi group, seeks to destroy it from within

How dumb are white supremacists? Well, dumb enough to let a person of color take over as president of one of their most popular organizations. It sounds like a narrative pulled from BlacKkKlansman (or even Blazing Saddles), and it’s, frankly, pretty unbelievable. I wouldn’t believe it myself if it weren’t on the website of FAKE NEWS!…


Neo-Nazi group's new robocalls sound a lot like GOP talking points

I realize that, at this rate, the Venn diagram for Republicans/Neo-Nazis will be a perfect geometric circle by 2020, so apologies in advance for the (inevitable) triteness of the headline. It used to be that Republicans just dog-whistled all day and looked down their noses at their thuggish second cousins in the white supremacist movement….