Neil Cavuto hasn’t been shy about criticizing Donald Trump, which makes him a rare animal on Fox News. And Fox’s Chris Wallace is of the same phylum — which automatically makes them treasonous enemies of the people (“the people” being the Trump crime family, of course). So after Trump fired someContinue Reading

Occasionally, someone at Fox other than Sean Hannity gets to put forth an opinion. And even though Shep Smith’s recent departure has knocked the average IQ at Bizarro World down at least 20 points, you still have a few people over there willing to call out egregious hijinks. Like, say,Continue Reading

Let’s just take a step back and marvel at what we’ve become. A guy in a Methuselah beard and camo headband who claims he didn’t have health insurance for 50 years appears on the top-rated cable news network’s signature business show to argue in favor of his health care plan,Continue Reading

Fox Business News viewers got a hopefully sobering review of drumpf’s lies and scandals when Neil Cavuto, apparently pissed that the Mango Menace was threatening his portfolio, took a giant dump on his head on his show yesterday. Huffington Post “You don’t prevent a constitutional crisis by threatening a financialContinue Reading