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Wannabe Dictator Trump is Bringing Fascism to America

There really is no bottom. Now Trump is directing his corrupt Justice Department to investigate and prosecute (persecute) his critics. Meanwhile, he lobbies for light sentences and dangles pardons for his bootlicking sycophantic criminal accomplices. This is not normal. And it demonstrates that Republicans who

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Trump's SOTU was a ratings disaster

Donald Trump thinks that somehow the results of a rigged impeachment trial with no witnesses and a foregone conclusion amount to an “exoneration.” But the viewing public hasn’t exonerated him. They conspired with the FAKE NEWS media to make his third State of the Union address a

Republicans Rolled the Dice and Crapped Out

Using a description from Wikipedia, admittedly a dubious source, after the roll of a pair of dice and the chance presentation of a single pip on each die, placed together they resemble a snake’s eyes. This sort of roll also draws a comparison with the


Christine Pelosi's Boxing Day tweet KOs Trump

This happened two days ago. How did I not smell the singed orangutan hair until now? Like many moms, mine is a master multi-tasker who can be many places at once. For instance, this Christmas she is cuddling with her youngest granddaughter in beautiful California

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Follow(ing) the Leader or Leadership

The Impeachment of Donald John Trump, 45th President of the United States has made me ponder the difference between leaders and leadership.  I have come to the conclusion that Republicans require leaders and Democrats want leadership. Following a leader means you have no trust in