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Is Mitt Romney Jerking Our Chains?

Mitt Romney has a tweet or two critical of Trump, and now he wants to be some kind of hero during impeachment?  That’s what is being reported by Gabe Sherman of Vanity Fair. In the Senate, Ben Sasse and Susan Collins have made their usual equivocal noises—but not surprisingly,

Herman Cain's nomination for Fed board 'all but dead'

Wait, there’s a limit to the absurdities Republican senators will accept when it comes to Donald Trump’s “presidency”? I’d assumed they’d confirm the entire cast and crew of Duck Dynasty to Cabinet positions if Trump asked them to. Politico: Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said in

Trump escalates the GOP war on government workers

As the New Year begins, imagine that this is how your 2018 ended: You work at a company where the CEO and the management team are notoriously corrupt. They began the year by taking on $150 million in new debt for the purpose of rewarding themselves and

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Obama SuperPAC ad HQ

Oh, this is the PLACE, folks!  This is the YouTube SOURCE for watching the ads that Obama's SuperPAC – PrioritiesUSAaction – produces and put onto TVs all over the nation. You can watch them all. You can subscribe to the channel and get the new