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Pompeo condescends to NPR's Kelly: 'I hope she finds peace'

The Mike Pompeo/Mary Louise Kelly/NPR saga continues: x Pompeo just spoke on his plane about his NPR meltdown, said “there’s a lot of history with NPR” and that he hopes ⁦@NPRKelly⁩ “finds peace.” Comments via ⁦@TracyKWilkinson⁩: — Eli Stokols (@EliStokols) January 29, 2020 “Look,

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Trump threatens NPR in wake of Pompeo outburst

It’s no secret that Donald Trump hates media outlets that challenge him and his administration. In the past, he’s singled out The Washington Post and CNN, corruptly using his office to try to punish them and their parent companies. Now he appears to be threatening NPR’s funding

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Trump is reportedly turning on Pompeo now

Enemies. Enemies everywhere! Keep your head on a swivel, Donny. Are you sure that’s really Ivanka? It could be Adam Schiff in a blond wig and couture.  So now Donald Trump is reportedly miffed at one of his closest allies, the eternally obsequious Mike Pompeo, his

“Sanity” Prevails? Why Am I Not Reassured?

Jeez, it’s getting so that you don’t dare to sleep anymore. Every time you close your eyes, that damn little ditty from Wes Craven starts going through your head, One, two, Donnie’s coming for you! Three, four, better lock your door. On the other hand, you need a good nights

Pompeo's solution to climate change: 'Move to different places'

Seems conservatives have two responses to the existential threat of global climate change. The least-educated GOPsters, such as Donald Trump and the secret vault of clones Dick Cheney harvests his replacement organs from, choose to ignore it. Less-benighted Republicans (and we’re definitely grading on a curve

The real problem with the USS McCain nonsense.

It has become a defining feature, perhaps the defining feature of the m(or)onarchy of King Schitwitz the First. And the longer we live under the thumb of Fumbles the Clown, the more pronounced it gets. I’m talking about the phenomena of “Hey, remember when this shit was