Stacey Abrams shouldn’t just not concede, but her campaign should also sue for election fraud and corruption. Brian Kemp, the man overseeing the elections, who happens to be Abrams’ GOP opponent, has been over the top with his voter suppression tactics. He’s tried everything from blocking tens of thousands of legitimate voter applications toContinue Reading

The GOP has, in multiple states, enacted severe penalties for the completely non-existent crime of in-person voting fraud. This is mostly to scare people in lower income areas into thinking that voting could be a crime—and make them think that perhaps it’s best not to risk casting a ballot. The true crime,Continue Reading

Susan Collins is the only person in the world who believes Brett Kavanaugh won’t seek to overturn Roe v. Wade. She is either the most disingenuous person alive, or the biggest f’ing moron on the planet. Kavanaugh even wrote, in 2003, that “I am not sure that all legal scholars refer toContinue Reading

Before I say anything else: If you are from Texas, check your voter registration right now. Especially if you used to register to vote. Why? With the Kavanaugh distraction, right-wing officials at the Secretary of State identified a great time to do this: More than 2,000 potential voters in Texas had their voters’Continue Reading

It’s been three months since the Santa Fe school shooting. Back then, Ted Cruz thought he had the election in the bag with ruby-red Texas. He wouldn’t meet with the Santa Fe families, and this infuriated Rhonda Hart—whose little girl Kimberly was killed in the shooting. x Notice there is noContinue Reading

If someone told you that taxpayer money was being used to fund InfoWars, the Enquirer, or another fake news outlet, I image you’d be pretty ticked.  However, at least—for the most part—they are relatively harmless in that the only people who believe they are real are extraordinarily stupid. (Like TrumpContinue Reading