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Mulvaney admits to quid pro quo, says 'get over it'

Okay, the goalposts are now somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy. In a press conference today, chief White House toady Mick Mulvaney basically admitted there was a quid pro quo involved in the administration’s decision to hold up funds for Ukraine earlier this year. According to Mulvaney,

White House Announces that G7 to Be at Trump's Doral Resort in Florida.

More enriching of Trump’s bank accounts at taxpayers’ expense: WASHINGTON — President Trump intends to host next year’s G7 conference at his Doral International Resort in Miami in June, the White House confirmed Thursday, a controversial decision certain to raise conflict of interest questions given the financial

Mulvaney: Democrats will never get Trump's tax returns

They won’t? Even when Donald Trump voluntarily releases them after his “audit” is over? The Hill: Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said Sunday that Democrats will “never” see President Trump's tax returns. “Nor should they. That’s an issue that was already litigated during

Shutdown 2.0? Border wall talks reportedly stalled

It’s hard to imagine that Donald Trump would put the country through another shutdown given the political fallout from his previous unforced error, but then this guy is a special kind of stupid. If no agreement is reached on the border wall by Friday’s deadline, it