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Federal prosecutors recommend 0-6 months for Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn gets the sentencing memorandum in the aftermath of his “assistance” to the Mueller investigation. The tune-changing, much like Paul Manafort’s results in a shift in the sentencing recommendation. THREAD: Why are federal prosecutors recommending 0 to 6 months in prison for Michael Flynn?

The John Dowd voicemail. In it's original context.

The release of the John Dowd voicemail audio yesterday was a perfect example of one of the most glaring omissions in the Robert Mueller investigation. Namely, not getting the Orange Julius seated in a chair across the table, answering questions. Forget the input of Trump’s

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Guess Who's Got To Be As Scared As Hell Right Now?

OK, I’ll deal with this right at the top, because I know how y’all absolutely dote on every golden drop that falls from my fingers to the keyboard. Judge Ellis is a wealthy, privileged, arrogant, half senile dick. Which gives him something in common with

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Congratulations, Michael Flynn

Sure, everyone is knocking Michael Flynn for having unauthorized conversations with the Russians about sensitive topics, and then lying about it. But look on the bright side! He is (probably) a new record-holder! Everyone wants to make it into the record books, right? So far