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Trump Wants ‘Us’ to Save Him from ‘Them’

< p style=”text-align:justify”>Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear, that there is a white America that he believes will save his version of ‘Us’ and his presidency.  I have read story after story about the infighting that is tearing at the diversity seams of the

Why impeachment media coverage would likely be a disaster

Last week, former special counsel Robert Mueller's congressional testimony confirmed once again that Donald Trump has engaged in serious wrongdoing, including likely obstruction of justice. It also raised the possibility that Trump could be charged with crimes after he leaves office. Mueller’s testimony on Wednesday

An Optic(al)Collusion

How superficial has America become?  Am I to believe, that because Robert Mueller did not bare his back like Denzel Washington in the hit film ‘Glory’ or yell out of the window reminiscent of Howard Beale in the movie ‘Network’ his testimony is now to

Media reporting on Trump's approval rating has become absurd

Talk about the bigotry of low expectations. As news outlets gather ‘round and marvel at Donald Trump's slowly improving popularity, he's basically being rewarded for having posted truly middling polling numbers for the past two years. Virtually ignored in all the coverage is the fact

It’s not Collusion it’s Corruption

In a closely contested TV football game, viewers let out a relieved sigh, take a bathroom break, maybe grab a sandwich or a hand full of chips and take a deep breath, anticipating a conclusion.  I find myself unable to inhale cleanly after taking in

Do-nothings, Know-nothings and Trump-nothings…

It has been widely accepted that the “Third Rail” of politics is tampering with Social Security benefits. Similarly, the third rail of conversation is religion.  Buried beneath the press but giving oxygen to the likes of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY.) and White House adviser Stephen

Can the press atone for its Mueller coverage this week?

Former special counsel Robert Mueller's upcoming public testimony before Congress Wednesday not only provides a key opportunity to educate the public on his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, it also allows the Beltway press a chance at redemption. It gives news organizations an opportunity to

How the press rewards GOP cowardice in the age of Trump

After Donald Trump ignited a firestorm by launching a racist attack on four Democratic members of Congress, the Beltway press last week temporarily revised a time-honored journalism tradition of forcing members of the president's party to respond publicly to controversial behavior. The results were utterly predictable,

The Gang of Hate

Not only has the Republican Party allowed Donald John Trump to operate above the law, but they have also sanctioned his acts beyond humanity.  In 2013 eight Senators, 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans [The Gang of Eight] made a serious foray into ending America’s much-disputed


Both Sides Do it… ‘Again’

Two-hundred and forty combined Congressmen and women voted to officially condemn Donald Trump, for maligning 4 American female members of Congress, of color, as interlopers, who should “go back” to the country from “which they came.”  With racism staring him squarely in the face yesterday,

Let's end the media charade that Trump's a master communicator

Has any recent president snatched political defeat from the jaws of victory quite the way Donald Trump has done over the last few days? Watching the Democratic Party become ensnared in a nasty civil war being fought among House leaders and insurgent freshman congresswoman, Trump