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Black Community, Raise Your Hands

In the Republican Party’s continued plunge into racism, former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley tethered herself to white nationalism and bungee jumped into the valley. Speaking to erstwhile Fox News gabber Glenn Beck last Friday, Haley said, “We don’t have hateful people

CNN has yet another GOP problem

Last winter, CNN for weeks stood by its extraordinary and inexplicable decision to hire Sarah Isgur Flores, a career Republican Party operative with absolutely no journalism experience, to be the network’s political editor. A hardcore partisan, Isgur spent her career spinning for Republicans such as Ted

Happy Xmas, Trump digs lumps of coal

The nativity scene at Claremont United Methodist church. HT Rev. Karen Clark Ristine. — Matt Rindge (@mattrindge) December 8, 2019 Failing to win the “war on Thanksgiving” we’re all just smoking coal or is it “smocking” coal as Trump repeats a spelling error.  Solar

Cheetos have more military service than Trump and no bone spurs

Donald J. Trump and Cheetos may have been conceived at the same time. Zeitscheiße. This is the true story of the Cheeto. — WIRED (@WIRED) December 8, 2019 In the summer of 1945, Little Boy and Fat Man were detonated in Japan, ending the war

Boom! if there were an FBI coup d'etat in 2016, we'd surely know it

Ben Wittes of Lawfare outlines some questions in advance of the Monday’s release of the IG report on the Russia investigation. Advance reports indicate exoneration. href=” (1) It is important to remember the big questions and allegations that make Mr. Horowitz’s investigation important: The President has

How screwed are we on post-impeachment that 45* could have a second term

Digby asks some reasonable post-impeachment questions that are not so much about electability and fear-driven GOTV as it will be minimizing whatever negative messaging will be thrown at the Democratic nominee. The implication especially with the withdrawal of Kamala Harris is that ticket balancing could be

“…just what is Giuliani thinking?” does Rudy Colludy even think

Rudy Giuliani is returning from Ukraine. He tried to divert attention from his producing propaganda with OANN support, as one of his Ukraine cronies might get called to testify in the Senate trial. Politico thinks Giuliani is “shook”, as he tries to spin distractions and disinformation. It


gut instinct: Trump has to flush multiple times

Like not understanding the difference between climate and weather, Trump wants water supplies deregulated because he has trouble flushing the toilet. Why that is became Twitter fodder. Trump’s digestive system the butt of jokes after he argues it takes 10 to 15 times to flush