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Woot! – Civiqs did stellar job with Iowa polling

Civiqs final Iowa Caucus poll performed well in a comparison with the major polls. x A look at how the final polls fared, with all the vote in and… roughly counted. I can think of plenty of ways to measure pollster error in a multi-candidate

Festivus, but what for the Rest of Us

I was transported yesterday from the East Room of the White House back to 1997 when the President spoke yesterday before an assembled group of embarrassing open-mouthed American political seals. In that year, the Seinfeld episode entitled the Strike aired December 18, 1997 and introduced


Reagan for Shah! Vozhd Trump for 'Supreme Leader' (plus sour cream)

Phantom Zone projection from Bizarro World. “Malice toward all, charity for none.” Trump's acquittal speech vs. Clinton's acquittal speech — The Recount (@therecount) February 6, 2020 — mike luckovich (@mluckovichajc) February 6, 2020 Here's the transcript of Trump's comments about Steve Scalise getting


#KremlinAnnex protest on Thursday cancelled – see you Saturday

Hard rain in DC. x Jane Fonda and Greenpeace announce Fire Drill Fridays in CA to demand leaders address the climate crisis. First rally at L.A.'s City Hall on Feb. 7th at 11 AM. — Kim Masters (@kimmasters) January 29, 2020 x The #KremlinAnnex protest

Standing 'Blue' in the Breach

There are 11 Democrats still standing in the breach between democracy and autocracy in America. Last night President Trump’s deliverance of the State of the Union subjected us to another cavalcade of lies and showmanship. The uncontrolled immorality of President Donald Trump was on full

It's IMPOTUS* acquittal day, it's midnight in America

Got caught, evaded justice, and could get impeached again. x BREAKING: Remember America? We do.#ImpeachmentDay — Eleven Films (@Eleven_Films) February 5, 2020 “[The Founders] gave you a remedy and they meant for you to use it. They gave you an oath and they meant for


Fact-checking the SOTU, “a manifesto of mistruths”

SOTU was simply an expanded campaign speech that included a few stunts like a reunion, a scholarship award, and a medal presentation. His speeches have tended to lies, this SOTU is no different. Yet there were even more lies besides the stunts and appeals to evangelicals. x


#KremlinAnnex protest week 82 Tuesday – #BoycottSOTU Wednesday Protest

x Welcome to the #KremlinAnnex 350! Week 82! Sham Trial! Sham POTUS! — Kremlin Annex (@KremlinAnnex) February 5, 2020 x Have you read about our team yet? ✌️🇺🇸 Kremlin Annex: Five women have been protesting outside the White House for over a year –