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Kentucky Political News: McConnell, Bevin, Beshear, and Matt Jones.

Not sure what got into the Courier-Journal’s coffee, but they had a lot of political news today. The Prince of Fucking Darkness — Mitch McConnell — is doing fine with Wall Street campaign contributions. FRANKFORT — Boosted by big bundles of Wall Street contributions, Senate Majority Leader

Kentucky and Abortion: The Latest Insanity.

Governor Matt Bevin and the Republican legislature have nothing else better to do than pass more restrictive abortion laws in the hopes that they make it to the SCOTUS and Roe v. Wade is overturned.  How is that going so far? Once again, Kentucky Republican

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Oh Governor Matt Bevin! You Never Hit Rock Bottom!

Trump mini-me Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky never misses a chance to keep going lower  Thankfully, this also applies to his approval rating.  But first, Bevin’s latest attack on public school teachers: More attention must be spent on looking at behavioral health and firearms safety

Victory for Kentucky Public Teachers, at Least for Now.

The Louisville Courier-Journal is reporting that two anti-public school teacher bills that were advancing in the state legislature are dead:  Legislation that drove hundreds of teachers to shutdown Kentucky's two largest school districts — and motivated Jefferson County teachers to continue calling out sick —

McConnell Needs To Send a Thank You Note To Matt Bevin.

If I was McConnell, I would be sending a big “Thank You!” note to Governor Matt Bevin.  Like other Daily Kossacks, I want to see McConnell under a microscope for all his political evil and rank corruption, but guess what the focus has been in

Odds and Ends on McConnell and Bevin.

Kentucky has the dubious honor to have elected some of the most evil and stupid people possible to government positions — Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, and Matt Bevin.  Given Trump’s government shutdown defeat, I was watching a lot of TV — MSNBC — and scanning local

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Missed This Poll About Republican Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.

It’s difficult to get any polling data about Kentucky political races because…Well, I really do not know why.  Probably because we are a poorer state with fewer people?  Shrugs.  But it seems that Morning Consult poll out in July found that Bevin’s approval rating had