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Massacre Mitch Is Trending, and Kentucky Newspaper Noticed It.

It appears that another nickname is trending for our Moscow Mitch:  Massacre Mitch. Sunday evening and Monday morning, in the aftermath of two mass shootings over the weekend in Texas and Ohio, there was a new one — “Massacre Mitch.” Many critics in Kentucky and

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Brand That Nickname of “Grim Reaper” To Moscow Mitch Too.

<I know I took a break from blogging, but there is a critical life threatening intersection between gun violence, racism, and Republican politics that compelled me to get off the sidelines for now.> I am no communication expert, but the recent tragic mass shootings in

Tired Of Voting For Politicians Who Are Always Strategizing.

Trump uses the old racist trope of “Go back to your country” against several women of color.  It’s in the very definition of racism.  And when asked if he thinks Trump is a racist, Kentucky Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Andy Beshear had this to say: Beshear,

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Kentucky Political News: McConnell, Bevin, Beshear, and Matt Jones.

Not sure what got into the Courier-Journal’s coffee, but they had a lot of political news today. The Prince of Fucking Darkness — Mitch McConnell — is doing fine with Wall Street campaign contributions. FRANKFORT — Boosted by big bundles of Wall Street contributions, Senate Majority Leader

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More Epstein and Dershowitz Vileness.

Durrati has already written a diary about Alan Dershowitz’s vile claims against Virginia L. Giuffre.  She is one of Esptein’s victims, and Guffrie is suing Dershowitz for defamation in federal court.  This is what she has claimed in her defamation suit: Defendant Dershowitz was Epstein’s attorney,

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Initial Thoughts on Amy McGrath.

I’m grateful and pleased that Amy McGrath has decided to challenge Senator Mitch McConnell in 2020.  To be honest, I was convinced that McConnell would get a pass for next year.  Before Amy McGrath came along, there was literally no one with the balls to

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Noah's Ark Sues Over Rain.

Remember that Noah’s Ark replica here in KY?  It was paid for in part by Kentucky tax payers.  Well, the company that runs this scam has decided to sue its insurance companies over — wait for it — recent rain damage that the insurers refuse to pay