After yesterday’s screed on the leftist boogeymen, tonight should lean toward jingoism with the Trumpian cultural economy of bread and circuses.  IMPOTUS* claims that he will speak at 7pm ET. x President Trump promises a “special evening” in Washington including a speech, a military flyover and an enormous fireworks display.Continue Reading


How sad when the circus comes to town and nobody attends. Sad, sad clowns all around. White House officials are reportedly concerned that tomorrow’s Nuremberg Rally Salute to America event will turn out to be an embarrassment for the ocher arschloch, reminiscent of his inauguration, which was lightly attended comparedContinue Reading


Ever since God — or someone; who knows? — called Mike Pence home when he was supposed to be flying to New Hampshire to give a talk on opioids yesterday, speculation has run rampant about what really happened. And, yes, I know that lede has a double meaning — making itContinue Reading

It’s bad enough that Donald Trump has hijacked our nation’s Independence Day celebration. Taking a cue from dictators the world over, Trump has demanded tanks be on hand for the extravaganza and is insisting on giving a speech — which will in no way be politicized, because, gosh, wouldn’t that beContinue Reading

I suppose this is the 2019 equivalent of endlessly gawking at fabric swatches. Donald Trump — party planner. Apparently, Donald Trump has oafishly clambered into the planning process for our nation’s annual Fourth of July celebration, and — holy shit! — he’s making it all about himself. Who could haveContinue Reading