Jordan Klepper’s frequent embedded reports from MAGA-land have been a breath of fresh air over the past five years, so of course The Daily Show simply had to send him to Denial-palooza.  And he didn’t disappoint.  In this episode we discover that Trump fans can’t count to two; the only trustworthy figures...

  • November 18, 2020

Even at 36 people stricken with COVID so far from contact at the White House, all kinds of people are missing, perhaps quarantined, with a few hospitalized. Perhaps there will be improved contact tracing, despite the attempts to conceal their base incompetence and slavish loyalty to Trump.  x Getty's last...

  • October 9, 2020

I’d prefer a more scientific survey, but that wouldn’t be nearly as funny, would it? Also, I pretty much already knew that Trump supporters haven’t read the “transcript” (which, to be fair, isn’t a real transcript) because 1) they’re Trump supporters, 2) I sincerely doubt they know what a transcript...

  • December 17, 2019
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