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Rudy Giuliani makes even less sense when he's typing

Truth may not be truth, but gibberish is always gibberish. Rudy Giuliani, whose public meltdown has been more glaring than a Raiders of the Lost Ark Nazi’s, is now weighing in on Let’s-endanger-our-national-security-by-stripping-away-security-clearances-from-former-CIA-directors-out-of-petty-spite-gate:  x To John Brennan: Today President Trump granted our request (Jay Sekulow

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John Brennan Again Charges Trump With Treason on Meet The Press.

Salon ‘In an interview on “Meet the Press” Sunday, the former director of the CIA refused to back down from accusations of treason made against President Donald Trump. John Brennan told NBC anchor Chuck Todd that “these are abnormal times” and suggested it was his