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Spilling the Tea

My first thoughts are a direct result of a joke by comedian Paula Poundstone.  Recently I heard her say that the little sticker you receive after you vote should be followed by a question mark; at first, I laughed then I frowned. With the startling,


The Benghazi, E-maily, Ukrainey… Thingy

The first oversight hearings of the Benghazi affair were held two days after the killing of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others at the Iraqi Consulate in September of 2012. The calculated misstatement of fact and intent of the Republican Party was to first disrupt

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The Kyiv Post: “Get Lost Giuliani.”

Last month the Kyiv Post, Ukraine’s oldest English Language newspaper, made use of an old  American colloquialism when it told Hizdizzhoner Rudy Giuliani in no uncertain terms to Get Lost! “On Aug. 21, The New York Times reported that Giuliani had met with Andriy Yermak, a