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Alex Acosta's job is safe…Tick-tock-tick-tock

I wrote in an article yesterday about his pathetic one man dog-and-pony show that I had gone on an Official Acosta Resignation (or Termination) Watch. Nothing in the resulting fallout has made me change my mind, but I’ve fine tuned it a little bit. If there’s


The Paper “Tyger”

Beware! Here there be tygers   Stephen King One of the big problems with trying to pin Trump directly down with anything is that Don Cheeto Cornholeone is an old fashioned Mafioso. It’s not just the fact that Trump refuses to have an e-mail account, because

Mr President, meet Medusa. Medusa, meet lunch.

Now I know for sure that I’m getting up there in years, because I find myself ore and more pining for “the good old days.” A kinder, simpler time, when everything was well defined, and things were black and white. You know, like 2017? Donald