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How John McCain got lost in 'crazy base world'

When Senator John McCain was laid to rest on Sunday at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, the nation lost one of the giants of American public life. For six decades, McCain served his nation as a naval airman, a military liaison to

Next year in Tehran?

As President Obama faced the looming re-election campaign in the spring of 2012, he issued a stern challenge to those critics of his approach to the Iranian nuclear program. “When I see some of these folks who have a lot of bluster and a lot

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The Kurdistan situation, part I: History

While I’ve spent the last couple days writing about events in Spain, it’s important to remember the other major separatist/independence news story: Kurdistan. So, while Catalonia engages in am organized “work stoppage” (to avoid restrictions on official “general strikes”), let’s take a look at Kurdistan. 

Commander in chief Trump goes AWOL

“The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States.” With that phrase, Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution of the United States ensures civilian control over—and accountability for—the American military. While the power to declare war rests

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Never Forget. 2003 State of the Union.

We must never forget that a President exploited the tragedy of 9/11 to spread fear, lies and war in his State of the Union address. Remembering is the only way to keep it from happening again. Thankfully, Obama has resisted the urge to use his platform

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Oligarchical Militocracy

When we don’t vote for war, and our wars are both economic and militaristic what else fits? We still have a sort of democracy, where we get to vote for our representatives every now and then. Where it falls apart is that our representatives can’t

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NY Times header:”U.S. Embracing a New Approach on Battling ISIS in Iraq.” World responds……

Hehehehahahahehe… 5555555555555555… LOLZ… 呵呵呵呵呵… хихихихихихи… mwahahamwahahamwahahamwahahamwahaha… 크크크크크크크크크크크크… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… 笑笑笑笑笑笑笑笑… bwahahahabhahaha… חָה־חָה־חָה… mort de rire — حقا، لا أستطيع … Uh, yeah. Welcome to 2003 again. Byline says Michael Gordon instead of Judith Martin. Oh gee, big deal folks: “…establish a new military base in Anbar

Alrighty, then. What is happening at Tikrit ??? ::UPDATE

Back in September we had a telephone conversation with two men in Tikrit related to observance of Eid al-Adha. This holiday involves obtaining a meat animal, sacrifice/butchering, and distribution of meat to family and to the poor. During the American occupation these actions involved personal