“There are more important things than living.” There's Trumpian feds hijacking the supply chain

Shakedowns of materiel like PPEs that demonstrate abuses of federal power are now de rigueur and should not be confused with fiscal policy or even neoliberal austerity. Disaster hides much venality. It’s about rank kleptocratic crony-capitalism in the form of market-cornering or cartelization. For example, Trump’s brag about ventilators is no different than a drug kingpin, especially as…

LIVE BLOG: COVID Task Force Press Briefing for Trump's latest Trick Bag disinformation

Live Blog below  5:00* PM EDT (*now announced for 530pm) Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing The White House   Trump is practicing the technique of “reflexive control”, by encouraging street demonstrations against his own guidelines using tweets and these pseudo-campaign rallies. It is reflexive because false consciousness has become a commodity….