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It's not over, Florida. You have ONE day…

This is absolutely critical. Rick Scott, and even Ron DeSantis, have had their leads cut significantly as final absentee ballots trickle in and provisional ballots are starting to be counted. Right now, Scott has only a 0.35% lead. There were a record number of provisional ballots given

It begins: FL GOP opens the racist floodgates on Andrew Gillum

I was astounded when Andrew Gillum won the Democratic nomination for governor. This wasn’t just the first time my state nominated an African-American for that role, but the first time ever that we nominated a progressive. For decades, my stupid party has nominated milquetoast, conservative

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You Have To Meet The “Educated” Pro-Trump Republican Candidate

Update: Her campaign Facebook page has been taken down, along with the videos. Meet GOP candidate Melissa Howard, who is running for Florida House District 73. She campaigns on having strong, conservative values. She’s been endorsed by the Florida Chamber of Commerce, the Florida Health Care Association, and numerous GOP

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Really hating Washington right now

I have documented crimes committed against Florida by our right wing regime for nearly a decade now. Every day I wake up to see what atrocities are up to bat next.   Just one example: Rick Scott’s ever new and creative ways to suppress the vote.  As one

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The Best Machine You Will Ever See

I like to write on Sunday, but the stories I was going to post went from maddening to depressing—in that order—from the national to the state to the county level. There STILL hasn’t been any apology from Huckabee’s staffer—nor anyone from the White House– over

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So, Congress… About that Zika thing…

The Florida governor’s office has released—apparently quite reluctantly, given their earlier denial—a map showing a new region of probable local Zika transmission in Florida. The last such map outlined a small, primarily residential neighborhood, far from areas of concern to most tourists or even most