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The press has a Rudy Giuliani problem

The impeachment battle lines now appear to have been drawn in terms of the unfolding messaging war that will dominate the airwaves for months to come: Democrats are doggedly perusing the checked-out claims of a government whistleblower, while Republicans are lying about everything. That's not an


How the Sunday morning network shows became willing Trump enablers

When it comes to the Sunday morning network talk shows, no other influential media platform has done so little to adjust its approach to our radical, untruthful president. Sticking to their staid, deeply respectful format where Republican government officials are treated as perpetual truth-tellers, the

Adam Schiff: Trump faces real prospect of jail time

Rep. Adam Schiff, the likely future chair of the House Intelligence Committee, appeared on Face the Nation this morning. And while he’s clearly a partisan observer, he thinks Donald Trump might actually — gasp! — spend some time in prison. Asked about the filings federal prosecutors