Trump crying at world series

Oh, look! It’s the actual president of the United States turning a worldwide pandemic into a personal grievance session! (Second tweet) x REPORTER: Will you commit that no money from the emergency stimulus bill will go to your own properties? TRUMP: “I have no idea what they're talking about. EverythingContinue Reading

Occasionally, someone at Fox other than Sean Hannity gets to put forth an opinion. And even though Shep Smith’s recent departure has knocked the average IQ at Bizarro World down at least 20 points, you still have a few people over there willing to call out egregious hijinks. Like, say,Continue Reading

More enriching of Trump’s bank accounts at taxpayers’ expense: WASHINGTON — President Trump intends to host next year’s G7 conference at his Doral International Resort in Miami in June, the White House confirmed Thursday, a controversial decision certain to raise conflict of interest questions given the financial benefit to Trump’s business. ThereContinue Reading

Too busy? Yesterday he told a longwinded story about stacks of bald eagles dying underneath windmills. He also tweeted 14 times. By definition, he’s not too busy. CNN: After a morning court hearing where Trump sought to hold off the congressional subpoena of his accounting firm, the Justice Department toldContinue Reading

Seems Trump has another conflict of interest when it comes to MBS the Butcher. David Fahrenthold, who’s been a bee in Trump’s dainty hair weave for years now, has a story at The Washington Post (with Jonathan O’Connell) revealing that Trump personally profited from the decision of Saudi government-funded lobbyists to moveContinue Reading