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Give me Only your Lively, your Rich?

This morning the acting U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Ken Cuccinelli announced the White House plan for further mistreatment of those most in need. Setting aside all the controversy over terms like “illegals” and “undocumented,” the fantasy of invading hordes of migrants as


Memo to media: 'Congress' isn't blocking new gun laws—the GOP is

Obstructionist Republicans have been blocking common-sense gun laws for years, even as the laundry list of gun massacres continues to grow. The radical maneuver comes against overwhelming public support for Democrat-backed legislation. If ever there's been an example of an entire political party in America

Not Without my Children

< p style=”text-align:justify”>The first two lines of the opening stanza of my favorite poem read, “If you can keep your head when all about you, Are losing theirs and blaming it on you…” –Rudyard Kipling.   One of the gifts of literature and poetry is confirming

El Paso patients refuse to meet with Trump

Somehow a key fact about Trump’s trip to El Paso yesterday has been lost in the noise over the President’s twitter screeds and related. It is embedded in this Washington Post story about the events of yesterday. Here is the relevant information: None of the

The Cartoonish White Nationalist: Fake Views

I am a Black man, over sixty years old, who grew up in Washington, D.C without my biological parents.  When I was 11 years old, I was in the 5th grade and attended an elementary school located in the southeastern quadrant of the city.  I