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From 538: Debates Raised Warren's Favorability Rating.

There is an article up at 538 that shows Warren improved her net favoribility rating among Democrats after the two debates. Warren is popular, de Blasio is underwater 2020 Democratic candidates ranked by their net favorability ratings among Democratic respondents, according to an average of

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Survey USA Poll: Biden and Sanders Leading Trump in NC… A Survey USA Presidential poll taken in North Carolina from August 1 to August 5 shows Donald Trump losing to Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Other major Democratic candidates are within one or two percent of Trump. Democrats Trump Margin Survey USA Poll of

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Two Polls Show Sanders and Biden Could Beat Trump in Texas… Two Presidential polls for Texas show the Democratic candidates doing rather well in the Lone Star state against Donald Trump who won there by 9 points in 2016. They both show Sanders and Biden leading Trump by small amounts. The polls disagree somewhat on