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Some Good News Out of Kentucky.

Between the SCOTUS decision to let stand Kentucky’s anti-abortion law and former Governor Matt Bevin’s middle finger to the justice system (see Meteor Blades’ diary on Bevin’s corrupt pardonfest), I wanted to let you all know about some good political news out of Kentucky. Democratic

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Tea Party Charter School

No one should ever forget that one of the leaders in the profits before kids charter school movement is Hillsdale College. Their brand of for-profit charter schools which they call, “Classical Education”, is a nice way of saying Christian conservative education that bears little relevance

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A Real Pro-Life Policy

On December 11, 2013 the state legislature in Michigan voted on a petition measure titled, “No Taxes For Abortion Insurance.” The petition, circulated by Michigan Right to Life collected signatures telling people this was to make sure tax dollars didn't pay for abortions through the