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Trump blames his orange hue on energy-efficient light bulbs

Remarking on last night’s Democratic debate, Donald Trump said something rather … surprising. Even for the weirdest, most unhinged creature on the planet. NBC News: Trump's complaint wasn't about the candidates vying for the nomination and the chance to make the 45th president a one-termer, but was rather was

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Thoughts on debate topics – immigration

This is the first of at least two separate posts on topics from the last two nights of debates As I listened on Wednesday to the first night of the Democratic Presidential Debate round 1, I felt as if the candidates were missing an important

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The Democratic primary is like buying a new car

Shit just got real Indeed it did. The absurdity of watching 19 Democratic candidate all descend at once on Iowa like a bunch of ancient high priests around a fatted calf shows that the primaries are now here in earnest. We are less than 3