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So this is my first post since August 25

which is the longest I have ever gone silent here since joining this site during the 2004 cycle in December, 2003. Given how visible I have been here, I thought I owed the community some explanation for my silence. Let me start by noting that

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Tomorrow I begin teaching my students

As I wrote in June in So here's my new teaching gig, I am now employed by DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville MD. I am, besides teaching 6 (of the 8) sections of Government required of all seniors, also one of the two coaches

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So here's my new teaching gig

So let me give some background. On May 15 I saw a posting on DC Craigslist for a private high Catholic high school in Hyattsville MD looking for a 12th grade Government teacher.  As a DC area resident since 1982, I was pretty sure that