In this new post at The Atlantic, the former 4-Star General and Director of Central Intelligence forcefully gives his support to renaming those US military bases named for traitors to the United State.  Posted at 6:15 this morning EDT, the sub-title of the piece puts it bluntly: It is time...

  • June 9, 2020

The United States was the world’s lone “hyperpower” when President George W. Bush launched his disastrous and unnecessary war with Iraq in 2003. An economic and military hegemon unchallenged by any single enemy or collection of rivals, the U.S. could and did act with impunity in swiftly toppling Saddam Hussein’s...

  • May 20, 2019

Welcome to Iraq. America's military experts advise Iraq to push ISIS back into Syria. Here's the conversation in Wall Street Journal: Iraqi security forces and their U.S. partners are divided about where to next confront Islamic State after their victory over the extremist group in Tikrit last week. Both hope...

  • April 7, 2015
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