Happy New Year Kitchen Table Kibitzing is a community series for those who wish to share a virtual kitchen table with other readers of Daily Kos who aren’t throwing pies at one another. Drop by to talk about music, your weather, your garden, or what you cooked for supper…. Newcomers...

  • January 2, 2021

The last time Trump was in New Hampshire it was while he was committing impeachable offenses. Also, Roger Stone may get out of prison in time for the third Trump term. x “I hear a lot of Republicans tomorrow will vote for the weakest candidate possible, of the Democrats. Does...

  • February 10, 2020

Received this e-mail today from Eric Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee: A few weeks ago, New Hampshire's Republican governor, Chris Sununu, VETOED a bipartisan bill to create an independent redistricting commission. This is the first time in recent memory a governor anywhere in the country has vetoed an independent redistricting commission. Sununu claimed...

  • September 4, 2019

The Republicans are circling their wagons today and dancing a little dance of joy because Mueller issued an indictment that doesn’t, in fact, directly implicate any Americans as anything except idiots. And we all know that they’re quite accustomed to being implicated as idiots, so they’re taking that as a...

  • February 16, 2018
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