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How the Sunday morning network shows became willing Trump enablers

When it comes to the Sunday morning network talk shows, no other influential media platform has done so little to adjust its approach to our radical, untruthful president. Sticking to their staid, deeply respectful format where Republican government officials are treated as perpetual truth-tellers, the

Meet the Press host disappoints serious journalist Chuck Todd

In late May, President Donald Trump shocked many when he rejected the assessments of his own administration and U.S. allies about recent North Korean violations of United Nations resolutions regarding its ballistic missile program. In response to Trump’s support for the “very smart man” in

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Chuck Todd gets his payola

This will be a short diary because — I just can’t. Remember two days ago when people were upset at Chuck Todd when waded in to the whole “concentration camp” pandemonium?” I know it seems like so long ago. Since then we have had a

To Republicans: Live by the Subpeona, Die by the Subpeona.

Mr. Bothsiderist — Chuck “Not My Job to Be a Referee” Todd – and several other talking heads have bemoaned the fact of the lack of “bipartisanship” by Democrats during the upcoming House hearings, but yesterday, the Republicans on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform proved

When You Have Lost Mr. Bothsiderist Chuck Todd…

It is bad when Mr. Bothsiderist Chuck Todd is spilling the beans on what Trump and Republicans are up to with the government shutdown and tonight’s Trump broadcast.  No transcript on this, but Todd brought this up on his show and All In With Chris

What Are You Hearing John Podhoretz?

I know.  I know.  Merlin1963!  STOP WATCHING MTP ON MSNBC!!!  It the BOTHERSIDERIST DEVIL CHUCK TODD! I got home and was making dinner for my elderly Mom, and the TV was already on.  There is not much I can do.  Mom wants to know what

Three stories of media failure

In the Age of Trump, the tidal wave of major news stories is often overwhelming, sometimes drowning even the most informed in a state of cognitive shutdown. Occasionally, though, even seemingly unrelated revelations tell a larger tale whose lessons shouldn’t go unnoticed. So it was

Chuck Todd hints at possible Mueller bombshell coming tomorrow

Don’t know what to make of this, and it could be nothing, but for what it’s worth. Via Mediaite: MSNBC’s Chuck Todd issued a warning to the press on Thursday evening regarding the Russia investigation: Don’t miss work tomorrow. Todd’s MTP Daily panel was discussing Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe,