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The last stand for white male dominance?

Lines you never hear in movies; “Do what you want to the girl, just leave ME alone!”    George Carlin If the content of the allegation were not so serious, and the personal suffering involved so emotionally wrenching, there would be an almost Three Stooges

Mitch McConnell has a Flake in his hair.

I hate when this happens. I've been obsessing over this for like, 20 hours now, it even woke me up at 2:30 this morning. But when you spend as much time watching this shit as closely as I do, you can almost sense when something

The Final Nail In The Coffin?

GOP strategist Rick Wilson named his new book “Everything Trump touches, dies.” I’ve been calling Trump the “Anti-Midas” for quite a while now, everything he touches turns to shit. Just look at Ronny Jackson. “The Candyman” was as happy as a clam, being a one

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Senator Leahy Tripping Kavanaugh Up on Stolen E-mails. Grassley P.O.ed…Update Video.

This is from Re-Wire’s SCOTUS reporter  Jessica Mason Pieklo's Twitter thread covering the Senate Judiciary Hearings on Kavanaugh’s nomination… ****************************************************************    Now Leahy is up. Starts directly with whether or not Kavanaugh lied to him the first time around  It's already a tense exchange Kavanaugh stands by