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'We're getting our asses kicked': Republicans panic over big Dem fundraising advantage

I will vote, I will vote straight D, and I will tell everyone I meet to do likewise between now and November 6. Nothing will stop me. The only decision I have left is whether to imagine punching Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, or Brett “Rapey” Kavanaugh in their smug faces every time I fill in one […]

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Parkland father snubbed by Kavanaugh: 'Vote like your life depends on it'

Before we all found out that Brett Kavanaugh was a rapey asshole, we discovered he was just an asshole. When Fred Guttenberg, the father of slain Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Jaime Guttenberg, tried to shake Kavanaugh’s hand early on in the SCOTUS confirmation process, Kavanaugh turned his back, barely acknowledging the grieving parent. That didn’t sit […]

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Women overwhelmingly support Dems in new WaPo/ABC poll

This is what happens when you put a rapey asshole on the Supreme Court, despite every indication that he’s an angry, victim-blaming drunk who’s never atoned for his past. For some reason, women notice. A new ABC News/Washington Post poll gives Democrats a robust 11-point advantage less than a month before the midterms, and women are […]

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Dozens of witches to put hex on Brett Kavanaugh

I don’t believe in magic, miracles, curses, hexes, horoscopes, Ouija boards, the power of prayer, or much of anything supernatural. I believe in technology and phenomena solidly backed by the scientific method, like vaccines, Xenu the evil Galactic Confederacy overlord, and the fact that I can’t wear my Green Bay Packers socks on game days or the Packers […]

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What Did Trump Say to Anthony Kennedy After the Swearing In That Stopped Him Dead in His Tracks?

Many of us at this site assume that there was some sort of quid pro quo reached when Justice Anthony Kennedy bartered his SCOTUS seat away to Trump. Whatever deal was allegedly struck, it now appears that it is likely that something has gone awry between quid and quo, as evidenced by this snippet of […]

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Did Nikki Haley resign over Trump's mockery of Dr. Ford?

It would make sense — or a lot more sense, anyway, than Haley’s own tortured explanations for stepping down. (She believes in term limits? She’s been on the job for two years!) Haley’s resignation came out of the blue, and it caught everyone who knows anything about politics or international relations by surprise. It could […]

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Thank you, internet: is now a sexual assault survivors page

This is wonderful, and a welcome and needed salve. Go to, and you’ll immediately see this message: The start of Brett Kavanaugh’s tenure on the Supreme Court may look like a victory for one interest group or another. But, more importantly, it is putting a national focus on the issue of sexual assault – […]