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Trump in a Panic on All Fronts

Trump has been counting on four things to get him re-elected: The economy Winning the trade war he started with China Building the wall he promised his base Russian hacking and GOP voter suppression Right now he's panicking on all 4. The economy is heading


GoFundMe border wall project hits another snag

At this point, Trump and his cultists might as well wait for continental drift to separate the U.S. from Mexico. ‘Cause that wall ain’t getting built anytime soon. Now, the group that famously raised $20 million to build a tiny portion of Trump’s giant border

The 'GoFundMe Wall' guy who raised millions from Trump supporters? See his new yacht

Remember that GoFundMe page to raise money to build Trump his wall? Well, this just got interesting: x Trump supporters are stupid  #MAGAmorons — TheSeminoleDemocrat (@TheSemDem) May 13, 2019 Brian Kolfage is supposed to be helping Donald Trump build a wall with the 22 million raised. No construction

Donald Trump’s 10 most pathetically predictable broken promises

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Republican Donald Trump presented a unique conundrum for the public and pundits alike. Simply put, Trump lied at a rate never before seen in modern American politics. No candidate in the 21st century, from either party, even came close. Writing

Trump accidentally gets it right on expanding legal immigration

Even a broken clock, the old saying goes, is right twice a day. So it was for Donald Trump during his 2019 State of the Union address on Tuesday night. During perhaps the most backward-looking presidential message in memory, the president thundered about a mythical national

Shutdown 2.0? Border wall talks reportedly stalled

It’s hard to imagine that Donald Trump would put the country through another shutdown given the political fallout from his previous unforced error, but then this guy is a special kind of stupid. If no agreement is reached on the border wall by Friday’s deadline, it

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Tulsi Gabbard claims Dems partially to blame for shutdown

Thanks for playing, Tulsi. You were already dangling by the most gossamer of threads. And now your failure is complete. From Politico: Hawaii congresswoman and Democratic candidate for president Tulsi Gabbard said Sunday that her party’s leadership was not blameless for the partial government shutdown

Steve King broke the first rule of White Club

When Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King lamented that language like “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization” had “become offensive,” GOP leaders like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy appeared horrified. But if they were shocked—SHOCKED!—to find Steve King’s racism going on in