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The most important issue for Democrats in 2020? The courts

As the 2020 election season heats up, voters’ priorities are coming into sharper focus. As in years past, there is a great divergence in what each party ranks as its top issues. Earlier this year, the Pew Research Center found that Republicans identify terrorism, the

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Mitch McConnell: Obama's ancestors also owned slaves

You know, if you go back far enough, most people today probably have ancestors who “owned” slaves. Slavery was rampant in the ancient world, after all. But with regard to reparations, here’s what’s important: Some people ***cough, cough, white people*** continue to benefit from the institutional

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Biden Does Not Know When To Stop Digging.

You all are going to hear about this from plenty of other diarists, but Joltin Joe Biden just can’t quit digging his own grave on misreading the political times.  Biden says he would probably resubmit Merrick Garland for the SCOTUS if he wins the presidency. 

Meet the Press host disappoints serious journalist Chuck Todd

In late May, President Donald Trump shocked many when he rejected the assessments of his own administration and U.S. allies about recent North Korean violations of United Nations resolutions regarding its ballistic missile program. In response to Trump’s support for the “very smart man” in


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Imagine you’re in a coffee shop when a man you don’t know sits down uninvited next to you. Scribbling on a napkin and spouting something about “tax cuts pay for themselves,” the man then confidently proclaims: “You really can't collect much money from upper-income people.

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Democratic Moderates Owning Their Mistakes? So E.J. Dionne Says.

E.J. Dionne Jr. wrote a recent column that covers the recent Third Way meeting in Charleston, SC.  There is the usual blather from the attendees who describe themselves as “moderates” against leftists in the Democratic Party.  But Dionne goes on to take some quotes from

Living In The Past With Joe Biden.

I really want to know from those who support Joe Biden how the latest examples of him living in the past are part of some great electoral strategy.  What do you mean living in the past Merlin?  Biden not only did another ode to more

ABC News learns painful lesson: Trump's a TV ratings flop

Anyone surprised that ABC News' Sunday night hour-long prime-time special featuring Donald Trump was something of a ratings debacle has been badly misled by the Beltway press, which for years has been pushing a GOP-friendly myth that the president translates into huge ratings, and that Americans

Wrong-way Trump is on a one-way road to war with Iran

The United States was the world’s lone “hyperpower” when President George W. Bush launched his disastrous and unnecessary war with Iraq in 2003. An economic and military hegemon unchallenged by any single enemy or collection of rivals, the U.S. could and did act with impunity

The four zombies of the supply-side apocalypse

Zombies have gripped American popular culture for years. In books, television shows, and films, the undead are regularly resurrected for your entertainment. (Even Jane Austen fans were treated to Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy butchering those from beyond the grave in Pride and Prejudice and