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Democrat Beshear Leads for KY Governor; MS Race IS Close… Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear has a sizeable lead in the Kentucky Governor’s race against unpopular Republican incumbent Governor Matt Bevin. According to a poll released by PollSmart MR, Beshear leads Bevin 50% to 32% among registered voters and 54% to 33% among likely


Eric Holder's NDRC Refuses To Let The GOP Gerrymander Kentucky & Virginia

Received this e-mail from former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s group, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee: We're less than two years away from redistricting. And what happens in this year's elections will determine who's at the table. Who will be signing the maps in Kentucky? Will it be

Tired Of Voting For Politicians Who Are Always Strategizing.

Trump uses the old racist trope of “Go back to your country” against several women of color.  It’s in the very definition of racism.  And when asked if he thinks Trump is a racist, Kentucky Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Andy Beshear had this to say: Beshear,

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Kentucky Political News: McConnell, Bevin, Beshear, and Matt Jones.

Not sure what got into the Courier-Journal’s coffee, but they had a lot of political news today. The Prince of Fucking Darkness — Mitch McConnell — is doing fine with Wall Street campaign contributions. FRANKFORT — Boosted by big bundles of Wall Street contributions, Senate Majority Leader