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An Ugly and Dangerous Speech

Some have called it a fact-less speech, that is not strictly true either: CLEVELAND — Donald J. Trump’s acceptance speech here was filled with Trump-like hyperbole and the kind of vague political rhetoric that is hard to pin down. But there were also facts. It

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How Hope and Change Became It's OK

Barack Obama won a Presidency on Hope and Change. The Republicans gave us 8 years of utterly outrageous obstruction. Many Democrats folded like a house of cards in a gale. The apparent winner of the Republican primaries gives us fear and loathing. The apparent winner

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It could be a really strange election

Two more polarizing candidates would be hard to find, Hillary should win a run off judging by the graphs above. However, it would also appear to be a turnout killer. Why turn out for someone you dislike less? It is also the case during a

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Meta: Why Many Of Us Hide Behind Walls

Most of us don’t want the rabid Internet in our private and business lives, some like Ellen Pao cant avoid that connection Ellen Pao was at the heart of two of 2015’s biggest feminist news stories: her discrimination lawsuit against former employer Kleiner Perkins; and

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Ethnic Cleansing. How it starts.

Ethnic Cleansing The mass expulsion or killing of members of one ethnic or religious group in an area by those of another. This is a phrase that is not often used in democracies. Immigrants: Target one subset, Latinos, disparage them as aliens, rapists and criminals

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Oligarchical Militocracy

When we don’t vote for war, and our wars are both economic and militaristic what else fits? We still have a sort of democracy, where we get to vote for our representatives every now and then. Where it falls apart is that our representatives can’t