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An “A” For Effort

Ya know, ever since the Democrats regained control in the House last November, I’ve noticed that national media reporting on the newly emboldened Democratic House has gone chugging down two parallel tracks. There is the “investigative track,” where the media gleefully foretells the Scorched-earth-march-to-Atlanta havoc

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Deep thoughts, by Paul Ryan

In the future, historians and political scientists will speak of the “Ryan Gap.” That moniker will be used to measure the yawning chasm between the shining image a politician manufactures for him or herself and the brutal truth of their failed ideas and meager accomplishments.

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Cut and gut: How Republicans helped the rich raid the U.S. Treasury

And now for today’s thought exercise. Imagine you are a member of Congress. Recent assessments from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) warn that the budget deficit for fiscal year 2018, which ended on Sept. 30, jumped to $779 billion and annual trillion-dollar shortfalls will return beginning

Republicans are coming for your Medicare in 2019

Eight years ago, Republicans steamrolled their way to an overwhelming victory in the 2010 midterms. Powered by demonstrable falsehoods about a “government takeover of health care,” Obamacare “death panels,” and Americans being “taxed enough already,” the GOP gained 63 seats and a huge new majority in

Three stories of media failure

In the Age of Trump, the tidal wave of major news stories is often overwhelming, sometimes drowning even the most informed in a state of cognitive shutdown. Occasionally, though, even seemingly unrelated revelations tell a larger tale whose lessons shouldn’t go unnoticed. So it was

The dangerous veto power of right-wing rage

Many Congressional Republicans were shocked—SHOCKED!—this week at Donald Trump’s humiliation in Helsinki. Like the rest of the world, they watched in real time as an American president kowtowed on foreign soil to a dangerous adversary of the United States. Siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin

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Confronting Senator Mitch McConnell.

I have at least two problems with those in this article bemoaning the confrontations of Senator Mitch McConnell in public.  First up, is WHAS radio show host Terry Meiners: WHAS radio show host Terry Meiners expressed that concern on Twitter in the aftermath of McConnell's first

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Kentucky Republican Governor Bevin's Attacks on Medicaid Part II.

Now kids who are on Medicaid in KY are being turned away from dentists’ offices because of Bevin’s decision to eliminate vision and dental coverage for Medicaid recipients. The state's decision to abruptly cut Medicaid dental and vision benefits for about a half-million adults has created chaos