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Trump is Like Hitler (Not the Way You Think)

(Reminder: Godwin’s Law has been suspended for the duration.) We all know Trump behaves like a Nazi, says a lot of the things Hitler said (though it seems Trump never did read Mein Kampf), and he certainly has the Nazi “big lie” trick down pat.

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Trump kept Neuordnung next to his bed claimed Ivana in 1990.

I published a diary in October of 2018 that I titled, Trumpism views climate change as a free, endless driver of genocide via natural catastrophe. This diary is partly a republish of a section of that diary. The article below focuses on an extensive interview

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Hitler and poison gas: Just how wrong is Spicer?

Today, Sean Spicer declared that Assad was worse than Hitler, because the latter “didn't even sink to using chemical weapons”. That’s wrong for one really big, really obvious reason: the Holocaust. But even if we give Spicer a little more benefit than he deserves, and