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Facebook might be a GOP media organ … surprise, surprise

New Popular Info article describes how completely the post-2016 use of Facebook for political purposes has been compromised beyond foreign ad buys and manipulation by malign actors. 2. "Decisions are made to benefit Republicans because they are paranoid about their reputation among conservative Republicans, particularly

Stop using GOP talking points re: healthcare – you already “pay for it”

Call private health insurance costs “taxes in everything but name.” Analysis: Americans already pay a "gigantic" hidden health-care tax, economists say. The question of who will foot the bill for Medicare-for-all is almost beside the point. — The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) October 16, 2019

poll dancing: in Hill/HarrisX poll, 47% support impeachment inquiry as 42% oppose

Polls are trending toward supporting the impeachment inquiry. Since House Democrats launched a formal impeachment inquiry last Tuesday, support for impeachment has grown, according to polls from Politico/Morning Consult, HuffPost/YouGov, NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist, CBS News/YouGov, and Quinnipiac. These shifts suggest that public sentiment could continue to change as the inquiry proceeds.


Trump tries to flip Minnesota with yet another campaign rally

Trump is at the Minneapolis Target Center tonight for yet another campaign rally. Below is the Daniel Dale tweet thread in anticipation of another even more stupid Trump statement. It is unbearable to put up with such repetition of falsehoods, but there’s always that hope


even Fox News…. yes, Fox News polls at 51% for Trump's removal

Tough sitting at the tipping point — when 55% polled want Trump impeached. x BREAKING: A new Fox News poll shows that 55% of Americans think Trump should be impeached — and 51% believe he should be removed from office. Only 40% are opposed.#ImpeachmentTaskForce— Jon